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One incredible experience is the best marketing for your next event. (And your next.) Our three steps to ringing your cash register:

Find Your Big Idea

Our ideas are pretty great, but your target customer gives us the best clues. Who are they? Where do they wanna go? What do they wanna see? We’ll build something they’d love to do-and- share with friends.

Create a Marketing Plan

All these great ideas mean nothing if you can’t put them in front of your target customer. How can you leverage social media, the press, print or billboards? We’ll get their attention and paint a picture they won’t forget.

Deliver Epic Experiences

It’s go time! Don’t skimp on the extra mile. Make your guests feel like you planned all of this just for them. After all, one incredible experience is the best marketing for your next event. So make it awesome!

From Our CLIENTS & Ticket Holders

If our clients and their attendees aren’t having fun, we’re doing it wrong. Here’s what some of them shared on Facebook.

“Awesome is the perfect word for Events That Don’t Suck. Had a great time will recommend to all my friends. Five stars.”

Will L.

via Facebook Review

I had an absolute blast at the recent play and after party. I can’t wait until the next event!!!

Kathy L.

via Facebook Review

Such an awesome show highly recommend would see it again! The cast was amazing so talented! Love it! So funny!! After party was fun filled as well!

Karry R.

via Facebook Review

Definitely didn’t suck!!!

Jay H.

via Facebook Review

Why US?

Planning a successful event is sorta like getting helium balloons into your car. Getting them in your car (without popping) is one thing––driving is quite another. It’s way easier when you have someone to hold them in place.

Maybe you wanna host an event, but you don’t really feel like you know what you’re doing, what you want, or why you really want it. All you know is you don’t want your time and energy to be a bust. Come to us! We’ve got the event-magic-bullet.


Nicole and Amy come from a background of marketing and financial services, so while they’re pretty crafty–they’ll be the first to tell you, there’s no such thing as magic. But we’ll share a few tricks and proven elements to make your event a success. (They even know a few balloon tricks, if you need ’em.)

Wondering how can you afford to pay for event planners like us? Ask about our 50/50 option when you reach out.

When we chat, we’ll ask about your target customer and your budget. We guarantee we’ll find an event concept and marketing plan to delight both. It all starts with a conversation, so what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

 Looking for a private event? We do those too.



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